PAULA’S CHOICE: Hit or miss?

Hellooo everyone and Happy Saturday!

The sun is shining down here in Brighton today and I woke up this morning feeling happy and rested. Love that feeling, it’s almost like you have so much energy that you don’t even need a coffee (but obviously I have had a few cups already anyway!). Today I wanted to talk to you about a brand that I have been loving for a long time, but never have had the opportunity to talk to you about. Yesterday after LookFantastic so kindly gifted us two products from Paula’s Choice I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to talk to you guys about this amazing brand.

So unless you haven’t figured yet, Paula is a real person. Before creating her beauty brand she had problems with her skin and was struggling to find good products that worked. She therefore begun studying and researching to create products that worked, and that’s when “Paula’s Choice” was created. What I love most about this brand is that all the products are 100% free from fragrances and have never been tested on animals.

Yesterday evening when I came home I felt that not only me and my body was tired. My skin also felt very tired after all the travelling and a busy (but soo exciting and fun) day. I decided to try the overnight “Radiance Renewal” mask. The texture is almost like a moisturiser and not very solid like some other masks can be. I applied a thin layer allover my face and then went to bed.

When I woke up this morning I expected my skin to still be little bit tired and not in the best condition, but my whole face actually felt really moisturised and was almost glowing. I think this product is so perfect if you have had a busy day and want the skin to recover quickly, or if you want your skin to look and feel amazing for a special occasion or event. I was very surprised with the results after only having used the product once, and that is what a good face mask should do! Big thumbs up to this product.

It was then time to start my day and I decided to try out the “smoothing primer serum”. As I have quite sensitive and dry skin, I had a feeling this gel with plant-based ingredients and soothing antioxidants wouldn’t disappoint me.. And it didn’t.

When applying the gel, it immediately cooled down the skin and it felt like a “shield” was slowly building up on the face. My skin felt very protected when applying foundation, and since the primer also has a SPF30 I did’t have to worry about using a foundation with high SPF, which was great.

I am so happy with both of these products and that’s why I wanted to share my experience with you guys. If you are interested in Paula’s Choice you can find her range here. I hope you all will have an amazing Saturday, and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Xx Julia