Building self-esteem Part 1

Hello my lovelies,
I am finally back and I am so excited! There have been so many things going on whilst I’ve been away, some very exciting things which you will hear more about very soon. One of the biggest things happening in 2017 is obviously my wedding. I can’t wait to bring you guys along and show you as much of it as possible. The wedding will take place in the most amazing Chateau in the South of France, how romantic?

So, today is Valentines Day – some will spend it with their loved one(s) and some will spend it alone. One thing I want to talk to you about today though is how much do we actually love ourselves? So many of us either have our own blog today or read other blogs on a daily basis. It is not uncommon that we compare ourselves to that person on the picture looking absolutely stunning. What we don’t think about is that that photo has been chosen out of 100’s and has been retouched to look as perfect as possible. It can be quite difficult to be surrounded by the content of absolute perfection when the reality is so different. It is easy to feel like you’re not pretty enough or not good enough. At the same time, bloggers want to provide their readers with nice content as there is so much competition today.

We need to stop comparing ourselves and start loving who we are for who we are! In this post, I have saved my best tips on how to increase your self-esteem and realise you’re good enough just the way you are. Enjoy guys xx

1. Compliment yourself
Every evening before you go to bed, write down three good things about yourselves. Include words like “brave”, “generous” or “kind”. If you have a very low self-esteem you might find this difficult, but after a few weeks of doing this exercise you will not only find it getting easier, you will also feel better about yourself. Some examples of what you can write: “I am brave because I express my own opinion”, “I am kind because I care about other people” etc. Let me know how you get on!

2. Be kind to yourself
In order to be happy with yourself, you really need to treat yourself as if you were your own best friend. You would never call your best friend “idiot” or “a complete failure” for not getting the job she/he really wanted, or make her/him feel really bad for failing with something. To your friend you would say something like “don’t worry, you will get over it” and you would support her/him. This is how you need to treat yourself. If you’re going through a rough time, treat yourself as if it was your best friend who went through it.

3. Stop comparing yourself with others
Having good self-esteem is not only about being happy with and about yourself. It’s also about not having to constantly compare yourself to others and not having to feel like someone else is better than you, or that you’re better than somebody else. You just accept everyone the way they are and even if you really dislike someone you wish them the all the best and success in their life. If you ever find yourself comparing your body or looks with someone else and it brings you down, try to say to yourself “I am perfect just the way I am”.

4. Forgive and accept
Feeling bad about something can have many reasons; Maybe you have done something wrong, like hurting someone (psychologically or physically), maybe you’re in debt, struggle to get a job or maybe you can’t keep a job. Whatever situation you’re in it can in most cases be fixed. If not, you can still forgive yourself and accept that it has happened. If you have something on your shoulders bringing you down, this is something you need to deal with. Maybe there is someone you can open up to and speak with about your concern. If not, you can still speak to yourself and tell yourself “What I did was wrong, but I am not wrong.”

5. Don’t worry about the past or upcoming events
It may sound like a cliche but it is actually true. If you’re constantly thinking about things that has happened in the past you won’t be able to enjoy today. If you’re constantly worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow, you won’t be able to enjoy today! Make sure to appreciate every day you are given and look after yourself and others.


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